The affordable, solar Powered, motion Detection, ultra-Efficient, LED outdoors security flood light has undergone two important changes to improve its efficiency.

Great Offers Online, the makers of quality LED lighting systems, is very pleased to announce the recent improvements for their product, the Solar Motion 60 LED Outdoor Security Lights.

The Solar Motion wireless led lights, one of the many new products currently available for improving lighting options around the exterior of the home and garden, and for enhancing home security, and has recently undergone two improvements to make the product more reliable and efficient. The Solar Motion LED security lights already offered several benefits to homeowners, such as the light’s cost efficient price and easy installation. The recent improvements, such as enhancements to the weatherproofing of the case to make it more reliable, have made the lights an even more viable security solution.

The first change to improve the quality and reliability of the wireless led lights was to modify the light and solar panel case, to make it more durable in the different types of weather. This change in sealing the battery and electrical circuitry in an internal compartment within the solar panel makes the light less vulnerable to failure after experiencing heavy rainfall. The Solar Motion LED security lights also underwent a redesign to enhance the sealing of the solar panel and the light and PIR motion detection assembly. The rechargeable battery was transferred from the light assembly to the solar panel, in the same position as the recharging circuitry. By making this change, Great Offers Online has made the lights work more efficiently so they provide the perfect amount of light for homeowners.

The Solar Motion LED outdoor solar powered motion sensing flood lights instantly detect motion and illuminate the areas around the home, such as the front door, garage, or backyard. The 6-volt, 1 Watt unit solar panel charges the Li-On, 3.7V 1200mAh rechargeable battery, and thanks to the amorphous solar technology, the lights can still generate electricity on cloudy days or if a light it located in an area that doesn’t receive high amounts of sunlight.

Great Offers Online designed a light that calls for very little maintenance and doesn’t require an electrician to install the lights and solar panel. Homeowners simply need to mount the solar light using the incorporated hardware. After getting a charging cycle of 6 to 8 hours during the daytime, the light is able to operate for 20 seconds durations for more than 500 iterations. The amorphous technology used in the solar panel, generally known as thin film solar panels, allows the solar panels to create electricity in all lighting conditions, including cloudy or shady environments.

Take into account the Solar Motion LED Outdoor Lighting system when it comes to home security and safety. The outdoor security lights provide comfort and peace of mind to our customers, plus the comfort of having a light in areas where power is not available plus the ease of installation. The enhancements to our product have made the home lighting system more durable and reliable